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6 ways to solder aluminum parts with electric soldering iron

6 ways to solder aluminum parts with electric soldering iron -电子游戏平台

 in the maintenance of radio and home appliances, it is sometimes necessary to solder small aluminum parts because the surface of the aluminum device is easily oxidized, which is difficult for beginners to solder firmly. the author refers to the welding information of aluminum parts and has been successfully tested. this paper introduces these practical methods of soldering aluminum for reference.
    first, the solder is first applied to the solder joint of the aluminum part, and then the hot soldering iron is saturated and placed in the soldering place for preheating. when the temperature rises, the solder is thickened and then added with some solder and solder, so that the solder will contain the soldering iron tip, and then use the soldering iron tip to rub the front and back of the soldering station. the friction distance should not be too large. generally, the aluminum alloy film on the surface of the aluminum component is cut at the soldering iron tip between 3 and 5 mm. the solder joint is not able to produce a new oxide film due to the inclusion of molten tin and air, and the tin can be applied to the aluminum member of the oxide film that has just been removed. the isothermal tin is changed from a spherical shape to a flat shape, indicating that the aluminum member has been firmly bonded to the tin. at this time, the friction is stopped and the remaining flux is wiped off, and then soldered to the lead wire or other components of the tin. it is very convenient.
    second, first drop a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid in the solder joint of the aluminum component to remove the surface oxide film, wait a while, then add a few drops of concentrated copper sulfate solution, and wait until the weld is covered with copper, wash it off with water. the excess copper sulphate solution and the hydrochloric acid solution can then be welded with a 45-75w soldering iron, which works well.
    third, take a piece of aluminum into the crucible to heat and melt, then add 2 to 5 times of tin to melt and then use, and then it is convenient to weld according to the conventional method.
    fourth, in the treatment of clean aluminum surface, coated with a solution of mercury nitrate, eat more tin with a 100w soldering iron tip, and use a soldering iron tip to rub the mercury nitrate solution on the welding surface. this can be welded firmly. but note: mercury is toxic, it should be welded in a ventilated place, and do not use highly toxic mercury chloride.
    5. the aluminum parts are welded by the earth method. the white powder of the saw glass fiber board is prepared in advance, placed on the surface of the welding surface, and rubbed with a 75w soldering iron on the welding surface until a layer of tin is attached to the aluminum surface, and then the cloth is used. the mixture of white powder and rosin is removed, and then it can be welded by a general method. the practice is simple and the welding effect is satisfactory.
    it is also possible to mix rosin and iron filings, then polish the aluminum surface with sandpaper, place the rosin and iron powder on the polished surface of the soldering surface, repeatedly rub the aluminum surface with a soldering iron, and then press the general method. smooth welding.
    finally, the sixth method, first polished the surface of the aluminum parts of the welding, and then drop a few drops of sewing machine oil, the amount of oil should be sufficient, and then use a sharp knife to scrape back and forth several times in the welding, and then use a soldering iron to solder and rosin in the welding rubbing back and forth, tin will soon adhere to the aluminum piece firmly, this method is also simple and practical.