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the correct way to store and transport aluminum sheets

the correct way to store and transport aluminum sheets -电子游戏平台

1. the aluminum storage warehouse should be clean and dry, free from rain and snow. at the same time, active chemical materials (acid and alkali salts, etc.) and wet items should not be stored in the warehouse.
2. for aluminum plates and aluminum materials with high surface requirements, the surface should be oiled, but the storage conditions are good, or short-term storage may not be applied.
3. because some aluminum plates and aluminum materials are soft, it is necessary to prevent scratches when moving. the damp aluminum plates are not easy to be smashed. it is recommended to use sunlight to make the wet aluminum plates not to be stacked.
4, the aluminum plate should not be placed directly on the ground, even if the aluminum plate itself has a film, paper bag packaging, but also the aluminum plate on the wooden pallet, wooden frame, so that the aluminum plate is not easy to be oxidized by moisture will be more conducive to ventilation.
5. the aluminum plate, aluminum and other products are rusted. after being wiped off with a cotton yarn head or a clean rag, the industrial vaseline is added, but it is not easy to store for a long time after such treatment.
6. aluminum plates and aluminum materials should pay more attention to avoid the erosion of rain, snow and other corrosive media during transportation.