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what are the advantages of using aluminum to keep warm?

what are the advantages of using aluminum to keep warm? -电子游戏平台

1. light weight and material saving

aluminum coil (aluminum) is light weight (steel is three times the weight of aluminum). the price per unit of aluminum is relatively high, but the price per square meter is almost equal to the price of steel and aluminum.

2, easy to construct, high efficiency

the aluminum coil (aluminum skin) is easy to process and form, and the construction is convenient and quick, which reduces the labor intensity for the construction workers.

3, the appearance of praise, good effect

the aluminum coil (aluminum skin) is beautiful, and the aluminum skin is used for heat preservation and exterior decoration. the bright visual effect is very good, and the package is bright and stylish.

4, resistant to use, cost savings

aluminum coils (aluminum skin) have a long service life, because aluminum has corrosion resistance and generally does not corrode within 20 years. the service life is 3-5 times that of tin.

5, good fire resistance

aluminum coil (aluminum skin) as a metal building material has good fire performance, and fire performance is highly valued by the construction industry.

6, high recovery value

compared with other insulation materials, the recovery price of scrap aluminum can reach more than 80% of the price of aluminum ingots. through the recycling of waste aluminum, manufacturers can recover most of the invested capital, which makes the insulation aluminum skin a cost-effective insulation material.