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baodi aluminum plate advantage introduction

baodi aluminum plate advantage introduction -电子游戏平台

 advantages of aluminum plate:

1. the aluminum plate has high density, and the unique grain refining process guarantees that the aluminum plate has no sand hole, horizontal stripes, bubbles and cracks and cracks of impurities;

2. the internal stress of the aluminum plate is low; the perfect pre-stretching (t651) process treatment eliminates the internal stress of the product, so that the aluminum plate is not easy to warp, crack and deform during processing;

3, aluminum plate with high precision; in accordance with the european union standards to comply with (astm / jis) specifications and aerospace (ams) specifications;

4. the processing property of the aluminum plate is good; the chemical composition, strength and hardness deviation of the aluminum plate are reduced to a small extent, and the occurrence of "sticky knife" and "cracking knife" occurs in the processing;

5. the corrosion resistance of aluminum plate is microscopic inspection of metal and alloy. it has excellent anti-stress corrosion resistance and anti-flaking corrosion performance. it can be used for long-term use in various media (such as water vapor weak acid and weak alkali). pit or blackening.