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the difference between 1060 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate

the difference between 1060 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate -电子游戏平台

      1060 aluminum plates and 6061 aluminum plates are commonly used in daily use among the aluminum plates, but the hardness, characteristics, range of use and price are greatly different due to the difference between the two plate materials:

1060 aluminum plate belongs to 1 series aluminum plate or pure aluminum plate, the aluminum content is over 99.6%. the production process of 1060 aluminum plate is single, the technology is mature and the price is low. the aluminum plate has moderate hardness, high corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity and used in traffic signs, billboards, chemical equipment, sheet processing, deep drawing and spinning concave vessels, heat exchangers, kitchen utensils, etc. it is one of the commonly used aluminum plate grades in the industry.

6061 aluminum plate is a representative product of aluminum silicon magnesium alloy aluminum plate.6061 aluminum plate has certain wear resistance and rust resistance because it contains silicon magnesium. it can be welded, has good oxidation effect and good is mainly used in trucks and ships, trams, mechanical parts, precision machining, etc. the current mold delivery, mechanical manufacturing is mainly 6061 aluminum plate.

the hardness of 1060 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate is very different. the hardness of 1060 aluminum plate is moderate, which can adapt to common processing conditions, such as bending. the hardness of 6061 aluminum plate is better, and the 6061 aluminum plate is mainly medium-thick aluminum plate (6mm-100mm). ).

therefore, 1060 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate are still very different. users must choose their own product grades before purchasing. in addition to 1060 and 6061, baodi manufacturers also have 1100, 2a12, 3003. 5052, 7075 and other products, complete brands, large inventory, can be tailored to meet the needs of different customers, and, baodi has branches in yantai, qingdao, weifang, dalian and other places to meet the shipping requirements across the country welcome to purchase, baodi head office contact information:+86-535-6430103