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how to ensure the excellent mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum plate?

how to ensure the excellent mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum plate? -电子游戏平台

 the mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum sheet is often the key factor to judge the quality of aluminum can we guarantee the excellent mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum sheet in the production ?


first:qualified chemical composition


it must be ensured that the composition index of cast aluminum meets the national standard requirements before extrusion,the content of si and mg has an important influence on its mechanical properties especially . we know that if mg2si, of 6061, is not able to form enough mg2si, then the subsequent solid solution treatment, quenching and aging are no longer of any significance and can not be strengthened.


second: strict process control during extrusion is the key to good mechanical properties


due to the limitations of actual conditions, employees are often difficult to grasp the control of the process in the production process, often do not realize the importance of the process, the temperature, speed and other control is not strict, resulting in product aging, mechanical properties not qualified.


if our bar temperature is not enough,there is no guarantee that the reinforcement mg2si will completely dissolve into the aluminum matrix when the alloy does not reach the temperature of solution treatment during extrusion, so that it cannot strengthen the role; if our bar temperature too high, it will not only destroy the alloy structure, but also often cause problems such as tearing and poor surface quality in the extrusion process because the temperature is too high.


the strengthening phase mg2si dissolved in the aluminum matrix cannot be stably retained in the matrix if our cooling effect is not good and the alloy cannot be cooled rapidly after solution treatment.


with the decrease of temperature, mg2si precipitates slowly in the matrix with the decrease of solubility, so that the mechanical properties of the matrix can not be guaranteed after aging. if the solid solution treatment can make the profile cooling rapidly, then the strengthening material will be too late to precipitate, will remain in the matrix, thus can play the role of strengthening after aging. therefore, the control of temperature and other processes is the key.


third: the correct aging process is a guarantee of good mechanical properties


the main purpose of profile aging is to act as a dispersion strengthening effect, so that the strengthening phase mg2si dissolved in the matrix is uniformly and diffusely distributed into the matrix during the aging process and play a strengthening role.the mechanical properties are certainly not guaranteed if our temperature and time are not well grasped and the purpose of aging cannot be achieved in the process of aging.