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what is the role of oxidation on the surface of aluminum sheets?

what is the role of oxidation on the surface of aluminum sheets? -电子游戏平台

 (1) prevention of corrosion of aluminum sheets: the film obtained by anodic oxidation has good stability in atmosphere after proper sealing treatment. the corrosion resistance of oxide film obtained from sulfuric acid solution oxalic acid solution or chromic acid solution in normal process is very good such as aluminum pot washing machine and so on. chromic acid oxidation method is especially suitable for aluminum welding and riveting parts.

(2) protection and decoration of aluminum plate: the oxide film has the characteristics of adsorbing various organic dyes or inorganic pigments on the oxide film with high transparency ,and various bright and bright colors and patterns can be obtained on the oxide film, many new technologies have emerged in recent years, such as multiple oxidation, coloring patterns, wood pattern, oxidative offset transfer printing, porcelain oxidation, etc., which make the appearance of aluminum more beautiful. this color film is both decorative and anticorrosive, such as lighters, gold pens and handicrafts.

(3) as a hard wear layer of aluminum plate:in sulfuric acid or oxalic acid solution, a thick and hard film layer can be obtained by adjusting the process conditions of anodizing. the selective oil can be stored by using the pore and absorption properties of the film layer, which can be effectively applied to the condition of working under the friction state. at the same time has lubrication and wear-resistant features, such as automobile and tractor engine cylinder, piston and so on.

(4) as an insulating layer of electricity: the oxide film layer of aluminum and its alloy has the characteristics of large electric resistance, and the thickness of the film layer is proportional to the electric resistance. this feature has practical significance as electrical insulation and can be used as a capacitor. the dielectric can also be made of alumina skin as the outer sheath of the cable, and the surface of the cable is used as an insulating layer instead of the plastic foreskin and plastic foreskin. the film has a penetration voltage of 441v when the film thickness is 27.5μm. if the phenolic resin is used as the film hole filling, the withstand voltage can be increased by 2 times. in the oxalic acid solution, when the film thickness is increased, a high-quality insulating layer having a resistance of 200 ω and a breakdown voltage of 980 v can be obtained. in addition to being used for wires, it can also be used for other electrical appliances.

(5) undercoating for electroplating and electroplating: since the oxide film layer has porosity and good adsorption capacity, it has good adhesion with the paint film and the organic film, and can be used as a paint primer layer. a film layer anodized with phosphoric acid can be used as the underlayer for electroplating on aluminum.

(6) for modern buildings: due to the introduction of aluminum alloy electrolytic coloring process, domestic electrolytic coloring has been increasing in construction aluminum profiles in recent years. it not only has bronze, black and red suitable for architectural color, but also has excellent wear resistance. in general conventional oxidation, it is particularly worth mentioning that the light fastness is very good. it is not decolorized in the atmosphere for more than 20 years, which is incomparable with the oxidation coloring method. electrolytic coloring of oxidized aluminum profiles can be used not only for building doors and windows, but also for shop counters, shelves, etc.