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what are the reinforcement methods for aluminum sheets?

what are the reinforcement methods for aluminum sheets? -电子游戏平台

 aluminum plates require different hardness according to their application. but different materials of aluminum plate for hardening treatment is not the same.generally, it can be divided into two kinds of strengthening methods: processing strengthening and solid solution strengthening.


processing strengthening, also known as cold work hardening, is to cold-deform the aluminum plate below the crystallization temperature, such as forging, calendering, stretching, etc. this method mainly uses the aluminum plate to increase the internal dislocation density during cold deformation, and mutual entangled and formed a cellular structure that hinders dislocation motion. the greater the degree of deformation, the more serious the dislocation entanglement, the greater the deformation resistance and the higher the strength.


the second strengthening method of aluminum plate is solid solution strengthening. this method is to add alloying elements in pure aluminum to form an infinite solid solution or a limited solid solution, in this way, not only high strength, but also good plasticity and good working performance under pressure can be obtained. the alloying elements commonly used for solid solution strengthening in general aluminum sheets are elements such as copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, silicon, and nickel.


after the strengthened aluminum plate, the hardness and other properties will be significantly improved, but not every kind of aluminum plate hardness can be unlimited according to their own material advantages,please pay attention to this point in the procurement!