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can the aluminum plate be welded?

can the aluminum plate be welded? -电子游戏平台

many customers will ask that can the aluminum plate be welded?.welding is a method often used in the processing of aluminum fact, the welding of aluminum plates is mainly based on materials. most aluminum plates, such as 1060 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate, have good weldability and good processability.

what are the precautions when welding aluminum plates?

1. selection of welding wire for aluminum plate

pure aluminum plate (1060 aluminum plate) welding wire purity is generally not lower than the base material;

the chemical composition of the aluminum alloy plate welding wire is generally corresponding to or close to the base material;

the content of corrosion resistance elements (magnesium, manganese, silicon, etc.) in the aluminum alloy plate welding wire is generally not lower than that of the base material;

2, the choice of aluminum plate welding method

gas welding is generally used when repairing aluminum sheets and castings of poor quality.

welding rod arc welding can be used for repair welding of aluminum alloy castings.

the inert gas shielded welding (tig or mig) method is a widely used aluminum and aluminum alloy welding method.

pure aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets can be tungsten-arc argon arc welding or tungsten-pole argon arc welding.

pure aluminum and aluminum alloy thick plates can be used for tungsten arc welding, argon-helium mixed tungsten gas shielded welding, gas metal arc welding, and pulsed gas metal arc welding. mig welding and pulse gas metal arc welding are used more and more widely (argon or argon/helium mixture)