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the most complete surface treatment process of aluminum plate.

the most complete surface treatment process of aluminum plate. -电子游戏平台

 metal materials are used in various existing products, because metal materials can better reflect product quality and highlight brand value.aluminum is easy to process and has good visual effects among many metal materials.the surface treatment methods of aluminum are abundant and are used by various manufacturers. the surface treatment of aluminum plates is mainly divided into: sand blasting (matte pearl silver surface), polishing (forming mirror surface), drawing (forming a satin-like effect), plating (covering a layer other metals), spraying (covering other non-metallic coatings) 

yantai baodi copper & aluminum co., ltd has the high technical, sophisticated processing equipment and advanced processing technology which is specializing in aluminum sheet profile processing. the main products are 1060 aluminum plate,aluminum rod, aluminum belt, 5052 aluminum plate, aluminum rod, aluminum belt, 6061 aluminum plate, aluminum belt, aluminum rod.