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types of yantai pattern aluminum plates

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一、five ribbed aluminum plates: five-strand anti-slip aluminum plate, also known as willow-shaped tread plate, pattern aluminum plate. with good anti-slip ability, the pattern aluminum plate is widely used in non-slip flooring of vehicles, buildings, ships, airplanes, etc. it has good anti-slip effect and the price is cheaper.

二、with good anti-slip effect,the lenticular pattern aluminum plate manufacturer is a commonly used style of non-slip aluminum plate, it is mainly used for the car, the platform , the cold storage floor , the shop floor and the elevator.

三、the compass pattern aluminum plate: non-slip aluminum plate have the same effect with the five bars.

四、orange peel and gold pattern aluminum plate: the surface of classic orange peel pattern aluminum plate is the same as the orange peel pattern. therefore, it is also called orange peel pattern aluminum plate. it is used in refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging products.