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advantages of aluminum panels in the shipbuilding industry

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the lightweight development in the shipbuilding industry has promoted the progress of aluminum plates in the shipbuilding industry. the materials commonly used in the traditional shipbuilding industry are aluminum plates and glass reinforced plastics. in the past few years, frp has occupied most of the market in the shipbuilding field with price advantage, however, the strength of frp is low, once damaged, the maintenance cost is high. moreover, the price of aluminum sheet has been reduced in recent years, which has reduced the cost gap between aluminum and glass sheets. therefore, more and more people are choosing to build aluminum sheets. the advantages of aluminum sheet shipbuilding are:


1. the aluminum plate has high strength and light weight (half the weight of the frp), and the aluminum plate shipbuilding is 15%-20% lighter than the traditional material.

2, aluminum plate corrosion resistance is good, aluminum plate is a non-ferrous metal plate, has good corrosion resistance, can resist seawater corrosion, increase service life.

3. the aluminum sheet has good formability and can be welded. with the improvement of domestic welding technology, the popularization of aluminum sheet welding technology has promoted the development of the domestic aluminum sheet shipbuilding industry.

under the many advantages of aluminum plate shipbuilding, the ship can achieve higher driving speed and longer service life. this year, baodi 5052 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate, 7075 aluminum plate and other aluminum alloys are widely used in large-scale surface ships, ocean-going merchant ships, passenger ferries, transportation boats, and other high-speed ships.

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